Laminated flooring

Do you love the look of hard wood but not the expense?

When you just don't have room in your home improvement budget for hard wood but love the look, laminate flooring is an ideal alternative.

High glossy floor

Enjoy a look you desire that's within your budget

Hard wood floors are gorgeous and timeless, but they can also be costly. If you don't have the budget for wood flooring, don’t despair. You don't have to settle for a sub-par look. Laminate flooring offers a cost-effective, attractive alternative to wood for any room.

Laminate floors offer the desirable look and quality of hard wood, but at a price that is about half that of traditional wood floors. The result is an elegant, welcoming look that fits comfortably in your home improvement budget.

Customize your home with laminate flooring that fits your style

Just as you can choose from a variety of hard wood flooring options, you can also choose the style of laminate that is best for your home. The range of options lets you complement your home with an overall look and subtle detail that expresses your personal tastes.

Choose from:

  • Multiple widths and thicknesses
  • High gloss finishes
  • Historical finishes
  • Rustic finishes
  • Traditional finishes
  • Under laminate foams, trims and transitions

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